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MACS Technical Data Sheet

Product name: MACS Ultrafilm


A water emulsifiable, oil soluble corrosion inhibitor and cleaner for use on common metals. It is non hazardous to neoprene and has water displacement, lubricating and penetrant properties. The inhibiting system used consists of all naturally occurring, biodegradable materials, friendly to our environment. Not UN or DOT regulated.

Physical Data:

Visual: Clear amber fluid
Density: 0.850 gm/ml
Solubility: infinite in oil, emulsifiable in water (temporary)
Boiling Point: Greater than 350°F
Freezing Point: Less than 0°F
PH @ 5% emulsion: 8.5
Specific Gravity: 0.875
Solubility in Water: Emulsifies - short term
Odour: Mild natural oil

Fire and Explosion Hazard Data:

Volatiles: 84%
Flash point (COC): 70°C (150°F)
Extinguishing Media: Water, water fog

Spill or Leak Procedures:

Steps to be taken in case
material is released or spilled:
Contain and absorb as much as possible.
Flush with water.

Chemical data:

Base solvent: Refined paraffinic hydrocarbon
pH (emulsion): 8.5
Inhibitor system: Cationic (organic nitrogen compound)
Aromatic content: nil
Anti oxidant: Yes

Ingedients (Hazardous Chemicals):

Chemical entity Proportion
Petroleum Distillate (refined) High > 80%
Nonionic Surfactant [9016-45-9] Low < 10%
Organic Nitrogen Compound Low < 10%

Safety and First Aid:

  Health Effect First Aid
Swallowed: Irritant to throat Give milk or water to drink. 
DO NOT induce vomiting. 
Seek medical attention immediately.
Eyes: Not corrosive but may cause irritation 
or reddening.
Flush with large quantities of fresh water. 
Seek medical attention.
Skin: Non toxic by absorption. May irritate 
on prolonged or repeated exposure.
Wash with soap and water.
Inhaled: May cause respiratory irritation.
Excessive inhalation may cause
dizziness or nausea.
Remove to fresh air. Seek medical