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How MACS Ultrafilm prevents corrosion:

MACS Ultrafilm works by preventing air, water and salt from contacting the metal surface. 

When injected into the cooling system, MACS Ultrafilm clings to all surfaces, forming an ultra thin barrier which displaces and repels water. This barrier is impervious to water and air, but is slowly broken down by the action of agitated salt water, dirt and sand. Also, it dissolves and neutralises salt deposits, before reforming on parent metal for ongoing protection.

The agents contained in MACS Ultrafilm perform the following functions:

Petroleum Distillates - Metal conditioner, lubricant, helps repel water.
Corrosion Inhibitors - Form the basis of the barrier.
Oiliness Improvers - Help to maintain and strengthen the barrier; lubricant.
Wetting Agents - Ensure good coverage of the barrier; perform the main cleaning function.
Anti Oxidants - Maintain product integrity and help with corrosion inhibition.

How MACS Ultrafilm works to prevent corrosion

MACS Ultrafilm protects all common metals

Marine grade alloy

The right portion of this aluminium has been treated once with MACS Ultrafilm, and the entire plate exposed to salt water for two months.
The left portion received no treatment.

Marine grade alloy corrosion demo

Steel Plate

This steel plate was exposed to fresh water for two months. The right portion protected by MACS, the left portion unprotected.

Steel plate corrosion demo