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MACS Users Comments

Brisbane Water Police, Queensland, Australia (January 1997) 

...We have been using MACS Ultrafilm both as an anti corrosion inhibitor for the internals of outboard engines and as a protective surface spray for the externals of these engines for a period of twelve months.

After disassembling three of the 60hp Evinrude engines attached to Police vessels in the gulf areas of this state (a highly corrosive problem from the past), inner water galleries, adapter plates and inner exhaust jacket areas were noticeably free of corrosion and salt build up. These three engines had completed in excess of five hundred (500) hours and had been flushed using the MACS system upon returning to base.

The Ultrafilm is also used as an external spray. It is noticed that after several applications, a fine film is quite evident. The powerheads do not remain greasy as with the application of some other products, and we have seen no evidence of electrical sheath breakdown as we have with some other products in the past.

It is also noted that after several months of use, the powerheads can be washed down with water and dry off like new.

All police vessels under Marine Technical Management within Queensland have now been directed to ensure that they use the MACS system both internally and externally.

We are continually impressed by the different uses that this product can be put to, eg: lubricant, protectant, water dispersant, corrosive inhibitor, penetrant, and fully endorse the original claims that you made about this product when you introduced it to us over twelve months ago.

Devonport Naval Base, Royal New Zealand Navy (July-1999)

...Ultrafilm is showing clear benefits in our motor maintenance here; I am recommending we introduce this product more widely...

Manukau Volunteer Coastguard Inc. (January 1996)

...We have treated three vessels including our dual outboard powered craft and at this stage we are very pleased with the results. Of particular note was the amount of 'gunk' pumped from the Volvo powered unit and also the lack of any corrosion in the system some six weeks later. A good sign of the product doing what the advertising says it does. We will continue using this product in our 'first response' vessels as these boats have to be available 24 hours a day and seven days a week....